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Hybrid Propulsion


Shark7 Hybrid Propulsion

The hybrid's system mechanical configuration is comprised of a combustion engine coupled with a combined electric motor/generator (E-unit), followed by a reduction gearbox, which is used to transfer mechanical power to propeller shaft.

The reduction box, among other things, is also used to engage or disengage the propeller shaft which, in turn, allows the E-unit to be used as a generator for the board system and/or to change the "Hybrid batteries" (lithium polymer batteries meeting the highest automotive safety and reliability standards).

Screenshot 2022-08-26 at 10.21.25.png
  • Efficiency -> E-UNIT 97%

  • Seamless shifting

  • Eco Boost & Power Boost modes for maximum performance and fuel savings

  • Hybrid is easy to operate:​

- Fully automatic automative and aviation technology 

- No minimum rpm -> drive as slow as you wish 

- No clutch that can be felt, seamless driving experience 

  • Technical:

- Reduced emissions

- Reduced noise

- Reduced vibrations

- Simple handling with touchscreen

- Easy maneuvering

  • Easy handling and docking - joystick and e-anchor

  • Battery:

- Full 110/220/380 V capability 

- Full hotel comfort incl. air conditioning, TV, etc. for a full day without a generator

- Independent​

Image by Ivan Bandura
Savings & Tech details
Screen Shot 2022-08-29 at 4.09.40 PM.png
  • Fuel savings 30-50% compared to regular twin diesel propulsion (depending on speed)

  • Less service/fuel stops

  • Lower engine maintenance cost due to less engine hours

  • Less CO2 emissions

Technical details
  • Generator mode:

- 200kW charging power

- 26 litre per hour

- Less than 1 hour to recharge batteries

- Lowest fuel consumption

  • Batteries:

- 170 kWh LiPo battery

- Automotive certified 

- Reliable, 10 years lifespan

- Dedicated fire extinguishing system

- Freely scalable 50 kWh - 500 kWh

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